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Sunday Photo Fiction: The Great Escape

203 06 June 18th 2017
Photo Credit: A Mixed Bag

From her lone window, Nellie saw freedom. Her prison stood atop of a hill, miles from town with acres of open land between the two. Traditional escape attempts would be impossible for there was no cover. Except darkness, and that is when they released the dogs.

She must think of another way. Before insanity set in.

Her incarceration began as an innocent altercation with the local police. They warned her: never engage with cops; but Nellie wanted them to know she was a good person. Would President Obama follow her on Twitter if she were detestable?

Verdict: Delusional.

Her attempts to convince them of her stability were countered with anti-psychotic medications that made her loopy. Daily brainwashing sessions tried to suppress validation that she was somehow, important.

She was losing the battle of will between her and them.


The colossal bird once again sat on the ledge of a nearby building. Just ask and I will carry you away on my massive wings, the bird seemed to say. Her plan began to take form.

Hearing a nurse enter the room, Nellie noticed the needle in her hand. Not this time, you bitch, and Nellie went into action.


Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly challenge to write a short 200-word story inspired by a photograph. This week’s photo is provided by A Mixed Bag.







10 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Great Escape

  1. I really like how this story seems like it could be set in another era or fictional realm were it nor for the line “Would President Obama follow her on Twitter if she were detestable?” I love it! Nicely done.


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