This is Me

American writer Henry Miller once said that you must write a million words before you find your voice as a writer. But words alone are not enough. Unless there is passion, writing becoming nothing more than an past-time. My name is Susan and I started this blog to fulfill both: to write a million words and to nurture my passion for writing.  Although I have never been published, I participated in NaNoWriMo in 2009, and met the 50,000 word challenge with a mystery called The Keeper’s Wife. In 2014, I took part in Camp NaNoWriMo by posting 15,000 words toward to working novel. I have once again enlisted in November madness with the hopes of completing a novel called Arsenic and Old Letters (a cozy mystery).

I currently participate in two weekly flash fiction challenges: Sunday Photo Fiction (200- word max)  and Friday Fictioneers (100-word max).  I thoroughly enjoy exercising my creative muscles each week, but mostly the stories write themselves. I also own another blog called Red Rocks and Rosebuds, which is more for personal musings.

On a personal note, I am a non-native Oklahoman, a full-time Information Technology Business Architect, Certified Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Scrum Master. I work in Health Care Industry. I am currently married to my first husband,  Richard (41 years in December), and the motherly advisor of Shelley and Danny. I have three cats: Siggy, Poe, and Alonso. I am a fan of mystery; Sherlock Holmes was my idol as a child. I also love genealogy research,  cemetery traipsing, traveling (especially cruise ships),  and chill out binge watching Netflix.

I have no particular goal for this blog other than to hone my skills and take a few risks. I welcome any and all who would like to join me on this journey and I appreciate constructive feedback. Even if it is just a LIKE.

I also love photography, so don’t be surprised if I add a photo or two.WRP2 (2 of 5)


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