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The Warning

The Sherwood Arms Neighborhood Association demanded immediate action. The house at 1533 was out of control. Fearing a coup d’état, the association chief wrote the following letter: “My Fellow Neighbor” I have received many complaints about the upkeep of your yard. Your contract clearly states – NO UNNECESSARY YARDWORK! Your neighbors prefer to spend weekends… Continue reading The Warning

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First Date

“Are you kidding me! This has got to be the worse movie ever!” Deb’s remarks vibrated throughout entire theater, answered with a resounding ‘SHHHHH’. Wyatt tried to calm her down. “Baby, please, you’re disturbing everyone.” Deb lowered her voice but not her insolence. “I can’t believe you brought me to this…. whatever you call this… Continue reading First Date

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Bus Stops, Bus Goes

Alice waits at the bus stop, remembering. Thoughts of how quickly everything changed often filled her mind when not otherwise occupied. Once she had a wonderful job, a caring husband. A home and family. Without notice, it all disappeared. Alice, that’s not true, they said. There were signs. Why spoil happiness? she would reply. At… Continue reading Bus Stops, Bus Goes

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Sunday Photo Fiction: The Red Rider

Marcus Darksmyth, the Wolverine of Wall Street, eyes the tele-monitors hanging on the walls of his massive office. A brilliant man with a tenancy for evil, Darksmyth craved chaos. Today, using his influence with the corrupt police department, he placed off-limit signs on a perfectly good stretch of a busy sidewalk. Darksmyth chuckles as he… Continue reading Sunday Photo Fiction: The Red Rider